She Has My Daddy’s Eyes by Regina Gibson

When you were born your eyes were blue.
\That’s what I thought they would always be.
\Til one day I looked and what did I see?
\My Daddy’s eyes looking back at me.
\In the light of the sun it occurred to me,
\The colors I saw were brown and green.
\They have a certain glow that isn’t common.
\And a way to my heart that will never be forgotten.

Don’t Forget Me by Regina Gibson

Once you are awakened and know God in the deepest way,
you begin to hear Him say,”Don’t forget me.”
When you’ve searched for answers and finally find
that there’s no end to the journey,
along the way you hear Him say,” Don’t forget me.”
You think you have closed the book on spirituality
only to find Him pulling you back in saying, “Don’t forget me.”
They say ignorance is bliss,
and I would have agreed some time ago.
But when God keeps showing up with signs that cannot be denied,
you can’t help but give in and say,” My Lord, my God I can’t forget you.”

Christmas Window by Regina Gibson

With the Christmas tree decorated red and green,
It was the most beautiful sight that I had ever seen.
My place empty and barren,
I did not know the joy of giving presents and sharing.
I see tape and scissors on a table,
Along with lights and figures and a stable.
The fire burning looks so warm.
I began to melt into this scene of tranquility and charm.
For a moment I was there in that wonderful place,
Eating turkey and saying grace.

My Jesus Knows Me by Regina Gibson

I was at my table when you told me your able,
to forgive and forget all my shames.
But not only that, you said you know me and love me,
in spite of these blames.
You made it known to me,
that it’s You and I for eternity.
I am overwhelmed by your presence and gifts.
I cry out to You, Jesus I love you, I love you!
What can I do to show my love?
You respond, “Be my disciple and follow me.”
Here I am speaking for Jesus,
in hopes of saving the lost and defeated.
There is hope.
There is future.
There is love.
It’s all found in Him…..