For Daddy by Regina Gibson

To my Daddy who is handsome and strong.

Who fixed things when they were broken

and corrected me when I was wrong.

Though with a stern hand,

you always had a plan,

to keep me on the right track

without looking back.

You always knew what to do

when I came crying “boo hoo”.

You taught me respect

and to always do my best.

Though now we are far apart,

you are nearer than you think

to my heart.

My tender memories of you

are with me still

and I love you, Daddy,

I always will.

She Has My Daddy’s Eyes by Regina Gibson

When you were born your eyes were blue.
\That’s what I thought they would always be.
\Til one day I looked and what did I see?
\My Daddy’s eyes looking back at me.
\In the light of the sun it occurred to me,
\The colors I saw were brown and green.
\They have a certain glow that isn’t common.
\And a way to my heart that will never be forgotten.