February’s Gifts!


  1. A ring pop. A coke. Hearts made of construction paper for my kids.
  2.  The Bible. My new books I got today! The hearts I made for my kids.
  3.  I found out about the Mosaic Bible which looks interesting. A gift from writing something myself would be when I read what I wrote it ministers to me.  Reading the book my husband has written but not published.
  4.  My bunny, my daughter, kitty on my porch
  5. Clothes we just bought for everyone, the desk we got for our son for his birthday, my furniture
  6.  Squirrels, birds, trees
  7. Steven Furtick’s sermon, dinner with Darrell and Linda,  being able to just rest
  8. the computer broke, computer fixed, buying groceries at our new Walmart Market
  9. Getting up at 3 am, reading some of my books, my family being home
  10. I heard my children laughing in the living room, I heard my husband laughing with me. We laugh a lot in our house everyday!
  11. The gift of accomplishment, satisfaction in getting it done and if done when suppose to a gift of feeling at one with God and that everything is good.
  12.  Through the death of a woman this week I have learned and am thankful for my chance to be a mom and a wife. I am thankful that God saved me and my marriage through a hard time. I am thankful to see my son learn through his mistakes.
  13.  Food in the cabinet, my children sleeping in their beds, a printer we just got so I can print what I need from Ann’s website.
  14. Through my book from Ann Voskamp, 1000 Gifts, through my husband and kids, my little dog
  15. Making lunch for my kids to take to school, finding glue for my daughter’s crafting, losing the box for the kitty outside cause it got wet.
  16.  the down pour of rain caused my daughter to stay home, fluffy black cat on my driveway, my bear sitting on my bed
  17. I ordered 1000 gifts for my mom, gave the book to 2 friends also, served my family by cleaning the house and buying food. Helped my daughter with homework
  18. My 1000 gifts book, Saying Yes book, My Creative Bible I will be getting
  19. Bailey staying home, wrote a letter instead of cleaning, got dinner out
  20. At breakfast I talked to my mom on the phone and we had a holy moment talking about God. At lunch I had some sausage that was a gift cause I was really hungry. At dinner my husband got to come home early cause he sold his quota for the day!
  21. my sheets, the ingredients for my daughter to make homemade clay, my bunny
  22. My Lent devotion led to a blog post of Ann’s that connected to my Lent devotion and wasn’t meant to. I am now carrying a Bible scripture because of this.  I got some good ideas from printing off some frameables from Ann’s blog.
  23. Our car, my dishes, my house
  24. Full of Grace movie, My Lent devotion, Holy Spirit leading and intervention
  25. My daughter’s jeans that got ripped, new jeans we bought her, my made do favorite pants I sewed the zipper on
  26. water on the faucet, the lights in the window just before dark, the light of my candle reflecting off the table
  27. 2 stray cats outside, the backyard before it was mulched and after, my dirty house before it was cleaned and after
  28. that God always provides, that God always protects, that God hears my prayers about my kids and school
  29. my stove trays, the stone in my ring, my silver ring