A Birthday Card From Jesus through My Husband

My husband wrote this for me or should I say Jesus used my husband as a vessel to write this to me on my 44th birthday four years ago. It is very special to me and every time I have read it, it means something new to me. The latest meaning I have gotten is he’s talking about my spiritual rebirth.  I am sharing it because I thought it was awesome!


A special birthday to you on your very important day,

For it has taken you a journey of forty-four years to finally find your way.

I gave your mother on a day long ago, a little baby girl, a soul to keep.

As I have watched over you all these years as you were asleep.

You opened your eyes on that fourteenth day of December,

I , myself, witnessed your life start as I , your Lord, can only remember.

I breathed life into your body and watched you begin your life from my throne high above,

While the glorious news of your coming spread throughout my kingdom on the wings of a white dove.

My spiritual armour a little baby girl laid adorn,

For your circle of destiny began the second that you were born.

I gave you as birthday gifts that Summer day… a belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, two sandals of peace, a helmet of salvation, a sword of my word and your faith in a shield,

So that one day you and I would walk side by side in an endless beautiful flowered poppy field.

I whispered into your small ear, that I Jesus, I AM, I AM the father you now know.

I said unto you,” I am your shelter in any storm,”

I have held your hand throughout the years and have been a witness in watching your life transform.

A baby boy named Jesus was also born during a clear night beneath a glowing star,

I was born alone in a manger so you could forever feel my love from great distances afar.

I was born to Joseph and my mother Mary that miraculous night,

So that one day you would be strong enough and live your life with all the power of My might.

Child you were lost at one time, but now you are found,

You in return will be rewarded by standing beside Me, while I wear my golden crown.

For I once was made to wear a crown made of thorn,

So an innocent baby such as you would one day be born.

You were once blind, but now can see. For your name Regina is now being recorded in the Book of Life.

Because you continue to fulfill your God given roles bestowed onto you as a daughter, friend, mother and wife.

I give you today another Happy Birthday, with all My grace,

For in My heaven I have reserved for you a deserved space.

I have chosen you to live in Me and Me live in you, so that one day we will meet

face to face right inside of My heaven’s pearly gate.

And that is where I promise you to be and with my open arms I will await.

Because of being baptized under water on that November night, you have not only been born once to your mother, but born again twice,

I hung on a rugged cross to pay your salvation’s price.

You were born not alone with your father and mother, as I gave them a daughter,

Just as you were not alone as you were lowered beneath the cleansing water.

While shepherd’s came out of their lands to eyewitness my birth and left their hungry sheep grazing,

I , your Lord, came to your side at your birth to see my new creation and the site to behold was amazing.

On your birthday today I thank you for being you and spreading God’s Word,

That many you meet will now be enlightened, renewed and stirred.

You are a child of God, so live a long happy life!

Be an example in your life’s walk,

In return, I will provide and inspire you with My words of wisdom  within your daily talk.



Short quotes from Regina Gibson

Heaven Time

Heaven lights the end of time as we wait to touch each other in the calm peace of love forever.

Summer Morning

The sweet sunshine rose beyond the gate through it’s hinges gracefully covered the garden.

To Jesus

Because He gave me life again, I give Him my life.

A Single Leaf

A single leaf








alone, asleep , dying.

My Nightingale by Regina Gibson

I wrote this poem about my daughter years before I was saved. Then I thought it was about Jesus. I decided to look up the christian symbolism of the nightingale and came across this:

The nightingale, with its evening song, is the bird of love, sheltering secret lovers from prying eyes.

Because it sings all night long, the nightingale was once thought to not sleep at all. One legend tells of a reluctant shepherdess who kept postponing her wedding date. This caused her fiancée so many sleepless nights that he finally turned her into a nightingale, condemning her to a life with no sleep.

  • A folktale tells that if a nightingale’s eyes and heart are hidden in a drink, the one who drinks them will die of sleeplessness.
  • The nightingale’s song is cherished around the world and considered to be a good omen for poets, writers, and singers. Eating the nightingale’s heart was once thought to inspire talent in artists.
  • Nightingales teach their offspring to sing and so are often symbols of education and good teaching.
  • Christians once considered the nightingale’s song to be the cries of lost souls trapped in purgatory. These souls were expressing their longing for heaven.
  • Early Christians, noting that the bird sang with increasing joy as dawn approached, made the nightingale a symbol of the righteous Christian soul, singing in anticipation of the arrival of Christ.
  • St. Bonaventure believed the nightingale’s last song (similar to the fabled last song of the swan) was always its most joyful and most beautiful. According to the Saint, the nightingale sang with greatest happiness as it looked forward to its final release from this earthly life. The nightingale was believed to die during the ninth hour of the day (three o’clock in the afternoon), the same time as Christ’s death on the cross.
  • The nightingale is the bird of the month of May.

From this site: http://monarch13.hubpages.com/hub/divine-birds

I decided to further my research on the last topic Swan Song and found this, which is very errie to me.

In Shakespeare‘s The Merchant of Venice, Portia exclaims “Let music sound while he doth make his choice; Then, if he lose, he makes a swan-like end, Fading in music.”[10]

The well-known Orlando Gibbons madrigalThe Silver Swan” states the legend thus:


The silver Swan, who living had no Note,
when Death approached, unlocked her silent throat.
Leaning her breast against the reedy shore,
thus sang her first and last, and sang no more:
“Farewell, all joys! O Death, come close mine eyes!
“More Geese than Swans now live, more Fools than Wise.”

This reference is from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swan_song

With all this in mind here is my poem.     My Nightingale

My nightingale sings to me in the still of the night.

She whispers sweet dreams til the morning light.

When I awake and walk through my day,

she’s holding my hand along the way.

She brings me comfort, peace and joy

and when life gets tough she tells me it’s okay.

When the day turns to night my nightingale sings to me

in the still of the night.



Come Home by My Husband

This poem came about after the passing of my father-in-law. The Holy Spirit gave my husband these words for comfort I believe. The words just came rushing and he had to hurry and write them down. Here it is:

Anguish on the right,

Agony on the left,

But only harmony down the middle.

Blindness all around.

But only sight in my soul.

Free my spirit to the heavens is Your goal.

On the right road now, I’ll be home soon Lord, at Your door.

Cry no longer child, for all pain and unhappiness will be gone.

For the sounds of heaven are near.

The soles of your feet shall walk the street of my kingdom

where many before you have come.

For in that street, your journey will be at an end

and there we shall meet.

Enlightenment and understanding will be clear.

Leave with love in your heart

and calmness in your soul

for all will be together again

so very soon!

My Mama by Regina Gibson

Words cannot describe what my Mama means to me.

But if I had to use the words, here is what they’d be.

She is the ray of sunshine that comes to brighten my day.

She always knows just what to do and say.

I love the way we laugh and share

because it shows me how much she cares.

Her unconditional love shines through,

just when I need it to.

You have always been a rock for me

when life threw me from sea to sea.

I held onto you with all my might

until my spirit gained insight.

Thank you for your faith in me

cause without you I would be doomed eternally.

I love you, Mama, more than you know.

You are dear to my heart and with this poem

I hope it shows.

For Daddy by Regina Gibson

To my Daddy who is handsome and strong.

Who fixed things when they were broken

and corrected me when I was wrong.

Though with a stern hand,

you always had a plan,

to keep me on the right track

without looking back.

You always knew what to do

when I came crying “boo hoo”.

You taught me respect

and to always do my best.

Though now we are far apart,

you are nearer than you think

to my heart.

My tender memories of you

are with me still

and I love you, Daddy,

I always will.

She Has My Daddy’s Eyes by Regina Gibson

When you were born your eyes were blue.
\That’s what I thought they would always be.
\Til one day I looked and what did I see?
\My Daddy’s eyes looking back at me.
\In the light of the sun it occurred to me,
\The colors I saw were brown and green.
\They have a certain glow that isn’t common.
\And a way to my heart that will never be forgotten.

Don’t Forget Me by Regina Gibson

Once you are awakened and know God in the deepest way,
you begin to hear Him say,”Don’t forget me.”
When you’ve searched for answers and finally find
that there’s no end to the journey,
along the way you hear Him say,” Don’t forget me.”
You think you have closed the book on spirituality
only to find Him pulling you back in saying, “Don’t forget me.”
They say ignorance is bliss,
and I would have agreed some time ago.
But when God keeps showing up with signs that cannot be denied,
you can’t help but give in and say,” My Lord, my God I can’t forget you.”