Lent Week 5 Day 27

My readings today are more about fasting so I decided to look up the word fasting and here is what I came up with along with my own understanding. Fasting is defined  as maintaining a firm self control. Fasting is referred  to as going without food for a certain length of time. Jesus did this during His forty days in the desert. This is where we get Lent and fasting from. The forty days of Lent before Easter represent Jesus’ forty days in the desert. The Bible says He was led by the Holy Spirit to do this. He was led to undergo the temptations we all face and to show us we can overcome them too , just like He did. When Satan told Jesus he could turn the stone into bread if He wanted to, Jesus rebuked him saying, man doesn’t live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from God. Matthew 4:4, Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'” Jesus is saying God’s Word is more important than food. Spiritual guidance and direction comes first before anything else can exist. Even though He could have CHOSEN to make the stone bread, He CHOSE the better thing. Just like Mary, sister of Martha. Instead of cleaning she was at the feet of Jesus to hear Him speak. Luke 10:38-42, As they went on their way, they came to a town where a woman named Martha lived. She cared for Jesus in her home. 39 Martha had a sister named Mary. Mary sat at the feet of Jesus and listened to all He said. 40 Martha was working hard getting the supper ready. She came to Jesus and said, “Do You see that my sister is not helping me? Tell her to help me.” 41 Jesus said to her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. 42 Only a few things are important, even just one. Mary has chosen the good thing. It will not be taken away from her.”

So fasting could be a way or example of this. By fasting I’m choosing God’s Word over food. I choose to feed my soul and spirit rather than my body. It has to be an individual choice. Just like Jesus was led to do this, so we should be led also. If I don’t feel led by God’s Spirit then I shouldn’t do it. In my case I can’t fast. I am too small and have a sugar problem. I would pass out. So God doesn’t want us to endanger ourselves by fasting. I won’t feel guilty because I don’t fast because I can’t do it physically. But I can do something that would show that I’m maintaining a firm self control. This is what came to me this year for Lent. That I wouldn’t give something up but add something. That something is this study and doing it every morning, every day. I have maintained self control in this hence overriding my fleshly desires and God has met me here. It’s the state of the heart towards Him that matters.

Lent to Repent

Day 27

The scripture is Revelations 2:1-5 and it’s talking to the churches. This church is doing right but they don’t love God and others like they did in the beginning. They are being called to return to their love and what they did in the beginning of their belief.

Ann says: Today I will come to You before I do anything at all because waiting on You is wisest of all.


Many times in these five and half years since I was saved I have fallen away just like the church in Revelations. When I prayed about what to do, God always directed me: Go back to what you did when you first encountered Jesus. Remember how elated you were and how you hungered for My Word. You couldn’t get enough of singing praise and thanking Jesus. You couldn’t believe Jesus died for you and couldn’t stop thanking Him.

If you find yourself lost and have veered off the path just go back to what you were doing when it first started happening. God will take it where you left off. Time might have been lost but God makes up for it. Don’t feel guilty, trust that it’s happening the way it’s suppose to. God is always with us and He understands our attention span is small. He loves us so much that He doesn’t leave us alone. He will pursue us again and again until we see that life with Him is peace, love, joy, security. I never want to go away from Him again.

Day 21- Go about doing good as Jesus did.

Day 22- It’s the sin God hates!

Day 23- True beauty comes from a clean heart that sees God

Day 24- Have faith Jesus is the Truth

Day 25- Fast from your sinful nature

Day 26- Believe Jesus, deny self, walk in the Kingdom

Day 27- Follow the Holy Spirit, return to God



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