The Changes In Me Four Months Later

WOW! Well, I have really had an awesome past month walking with the Lord! What stands out to me is reading my book from Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts. This book has been the answer to my yearning and longing of wanting something but not really knowing what. I wanted a deeper relationship with God and Jesus and this book has been the answer. Doing and living what she talks about has changed my life! Counting the things I love has caused me to pay attention to my life and realize God’s presence with me. I have discovered new things because of this. I wrote more in-depth about this here. Because of this book and how she talked about taking photos of her world I tried this but it didn’t work for me. What has worked for me is I have rediscovered my ability to color and draw. I had been noticing how people write scripture or sayings along with drawings or the lettering is different. I ordered a Bible called My Creative Bible which has the pictures already drawn for you to color. I discovered there is a new up and coming thing called Bible Journaling. This Creative Bible has 400 drawings and also wide margins to do your own. While waiting for the Bible I got a coloring book with scriptures and pictures to do until I get the Bible. Well the other day I got a suggestion in my e-mail about a book called Whimsical Lettering. I checked it out and discovered that what I have been wanting to do is called Hand Lettering! I got the book and I now have 17 drawings in an art journal I have made! I couldn’t believe I could draw! Joanne Sharpe, the author of Whimsical Lettering, leads you through the beginning stages. She says you have to find your font and I thought that was really neat. I have already found mine! I will post an example of what I have done so far! I am so excited about this discovery that I feel like a kid again about life! Not only that but I got a schedule from the Community College for Spring in the mail and I was lead to see if they had any classes on Hand Lettering and they did! So yesterday I signed up! I am really looking forward to the class and getting better at this art. That is what it is, learning how to make your letters art and I’m doing it for God! This is where I am today, in a happy place! I have been faithful too doing my Lent devotion and now I can’t go without doing it. I am experiencing God all the time like I wanted! He is in everything in my life! It is awesome! Here are a few of my drawings




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