Lent Week 4 Day 24

My reading today in the Mosaic Bible is speaking about truth. He is telling the christian to search for truth, hear truth, learn truth, love truth, speak the truth, hold the truth, defend the truth til death.

I wasn’t sure what I would write about this but I was led to my book by Kyle Idleman, Not a Fan and my other book by Lisa Bevere called Girls With Swords. On day 11 Kyle is speaking about a minister who began to have doubts about what he believed in. Kyle goes on to say that knowing all the right answers pale in comparison to knowing the one who said,” I am the Truth.” We know Jesus is truth. Then in my book by Lisa Bevere she talks about how important God’s Word is in our lives. That His Word is powerful and it shouldn’t be changed into anything other than what it says because when you do it loses it’s power. It’s the power of God’s Word that renews our minds. God’s Word is truth. When it begins to renew our mind our thoughts change and then our actions. She also said something I love, she said that God’s living Word is the origin of all the powerful transformative truths. Ultimately, the Truth is not a theory to be debated; He is the Word made flesh – Jesus. John 14:6, Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. There is a vast difference between telling the truth and being the truth!

So in the reading today you could take the word truth and replace it with Jesus. Christian search for Jesus, hear Jesus, learn Jesus’ ways, love Jesus, speak of Jesus, hold Jesus in your heart, defend Jesus until death.

Lent to Repent

Day 24

The scripture for today is Hebrews 11:1-13 and it’s talking all about the people in the Old Testament who lived by faith. Naming each one and what they had faith in God for.

Ann says: Today, we will hope and pray for one “impossible” thing because though we may feel overwhelmed- we will not underestimate what God is doing through us and through the world.

This reminds me of something I wrote about here. In the movie Alice in Wonderland, Alice’s father told her to think of 6 impossible things before breakfast. Not just one but six! WITH God all things are possible. It takes faith and belief on our part. Faith is knowing God will do it, then believe. We are in partnership with God to make the impossible happen. Mary was willing to accept what the angel told her without question. She did ask how is this possible since she was a virgin but the angel told her how it would happen. The way he explained it to her, she still could have not believed but she chose to believe. She agreed by saying let it be done to me as you have said. We believe and then we see. That’s faith. I wrote about Mary here

Day 21- Go about doing good as Jesus did.

Day 22- It’s the sin God hates!

Day 23- True beauty comes from a clean heart that sees God

Day 24- Have faith Jesus is the Truth



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