Lent Week 4 Day 21

In my reading of the Mosaic Bible it is a prayer to do good. This comes at a very timely manner. All my readings are pointing to something for me to do. I have no doubt that God is shouting at me to do this thing. This thing  God wants me to do is call my mother-in-law and take her on errands. I decided to do my study tonight so I can do this for her tomorrow. And now I read a prayer asking for God’s forgiveness if I said something wrong today or hurt someone in some way. To forgive me if I added sorrow to the world instead of happiness. I feel God led me to do this study tonight to open my eyes to my opportunity to do good tomorrow. I have a chance not to blow it.

Lent to Repent Day 21

Scripture reading for today is Luke 6:27-36. It’s talking about doing good to others the way you would want others to do good to you. Love your enemies. Give without wanting a return. Have compassion as God has compassion on us.

Ann says: Today I will thank God for every interruption of my list- as I’ll see it as a manifestation of my Lord.

I will look at spending time with my mother-in-law as a gift. A communion with God Himself. I will have God’s perspective. I will look above to God and have a knowing I am on holy ground. I am doing good in His name and for His name.

Day 21- Go about doing good as Jesus did.



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