Lent Week 1 Day 5

Today is a poem/prayer talking about the suffering people and the miserable ones. I wrote my own prayer adapted from the one in the Mosaic Bible.

Asking God to show me these ones so that I can pray for them and help me to see Jesus in everyone. Help me to be honest and patient with people remembering that You love them too. I pray for Your Spirit to be in me to bring forth praise and singing that others would see Christ in me. And Your Spirit would spread and grow. With Your Spirit living in me, I will never grow tired or weary of doing good. I thank those through prayer who have died for our freedom. Help me to love those who hate me and help me through Your Holy Spirit to change the world. Amen.

Trail to the Tree- Day 5- Let Loose!

The scripture reading is about the angel who made the announcement to the shepherds about the Savior being born. When they heard and went to see they let loose in praise! Ann says: Today we can’t help ourselves! We are spilling with the Good News! We must speak, announce, that great joyful event that is meant for everybody, worldwide!

This reminds me of the day I received the Good News! I was at my kitchen table watching The Gospel of John and it finally clicked that Jesus is MY Savior and He is ALIVE! I wanted everyone to experience what I experienced. It is so wonderful that you can’t keep it to yourself and you want everyone to have it!

Day 1- Get your thinking straight and be in God’s presence

Day 2- Be reading the Bible and trust God

Day 3- Reverence, worship and praise God and Jesus for who God is and what Jesus has done.

Day 4- Be faithful to Him and He will be faithful to fill you. Look to Jesus with gratitude and prayer.

Day 5- Notice the miserable and suffering, ask God to reveal them so I can tell them the Good News that there is hope and there is a Savior, His name is Jesus!




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