Lent Week 1 Day 4

My focus today is about “filling up” instead of “giving up”. To be thankful for everything. Today I read a story of a girl at Lent “giving up” sweets and what she learned from it. Something I have also been learning the past few days. That Jesus really can “fill” the hollow spots in our hearts. I have had a great joy in focusing on Lent. I so loved Advent that I couldn’t wait for Lent. It gives me a sense of purpose, meaning, something to look forward to. It changes something inside of me. I see things different and life feels different. It’s like a fog is lifting. I decided to not “give up” something but to “add” something. Although I guess I am giving up time to do it but what I am learning is faithfulness. Not self control as in giving up something. This time I am spending with God and Jesus is being used to “fill me” with the Holy Spirit, therefore, leaving no hollow spots in my heart.

Trail to the Tree to day is talking about the cure for discontentment. She cites the scripture about Moses making a copper snake so when the people got bitten all they had to do was look at the one he had made and they would live. God sent snakes because they were complaining and were discontent with what God was doing. But they repented and He made a way to save them. Just like He sent Jesus. If we choose to repent and look to Jesus we are saved also. ” Whoever is bitten and looks at it will live.” Numbers 21:8. Whoever is bitten by sin ( everyone has ) and looks to Jesus, will live.

The best cure for discontent is the filling of the Holy Spirit, looking to Jesus, letting Him fill your hollow heart. Pray for Jesus to come fill you. Instead of being discontent or worried, pray. Be grateful for what God has given already. Remember God’s goodness from times before and know God is good ALL THE TIME!

Day 1- Get your thinking straight and be in God’s presence

Day 2- Be reading the Bible and trust God

Day 3- Reverence, worship and praise God and Jesus for who God is and what Jesus has done.

Day 4- Be faithful to Him and He will be faithful to fill you. Look to Jesus with gratitude and prayer.



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