I Honor You, Native Americans

Thanksgiving is a sad day for Native Americans. The Friday after Thanksgiving is their day of honor, not some shopping day. I read that Thanksgiving was their Last Supper. What they teach in school is wrong and a mockery. I feel for them, always have, maybe because I have Creek Indian ancestry. I don’t know, maybe it’s just the real love that God represents that I feel. This year for the first time I see what it really stands for and it isn’t an alliance between two types of people, it was a self vain glory of a people who didn’t need to come to America. I just watched Saints and Strangers on National Geographic and the second part is tonight. What I saw is pretty accurate because I did some research after watching it and read two articles by Native Americans and it has brought tears to my eyes. I don’t know why God has opened this up to me or why He is allowing me to feel their pain but I am. I got connected to them about a month ago through some Native American chant music. I researched the Creek Indians because they are the ones my Dad told me we come from. His great grandmother was an Indian from the Creek Nation. Anyway,  the pilgrims were saying they were coming to establish a place where they could worship God freely and escape persecution but look at what they did! They were not representing God, they were representing their own agenda, their own glory and that is a sin. They wanted for themselves. One part in the film Saints and Strangers, the pilgrims said to the Indians, Welcome to our village. When Squanto translated this to one of the Chiefs the chief said how can they welcome us to our own land. I thought that was a good line. Just shows how the pilgrims assumed ownership from the start and none of it belonged to them in the first place. It showed how they left everything to come here even their children. No land would draw me away from what I already have, what God has already provided. I especially would not leave my children. I find it hard to believe they came in the name of God. It was in themselves that they came. Isn’t this the same attitude today? They wanted MORE! When will we learn that MORE is never enough! Today these descendants are still looking for more of what they think they need or don’t have when actually everything they need was provided already. God is all we need or should want. He should be FIRST. Even though Native Americans didn’t know Christ, they honored God and the earth that God provided. Maybe the pilgrims could have come with the thought of revealing Christ to these people instead of driving them to extinction. They didn’t show love to them as God would have intended. They became greedy and when greed sets in the heart nothing stops evil from penetrating and destroying life.

I honor all Native Americans this day, I stand with you in the taking of your land. We can’t undo what has been done but know that there is one person who sees and realizes the truth about what happened and I will never forget. You are not forgotten.

Here is the two links to the articles I read that speak the truth.



I will not say I celebrate Thanksgiving, but that I have a dinner honoring the Native Americans, that they gave and shared when they could have killed. They are the true representation of Jesus. They had compassion and love and we slaughtered them in return, how is that Christ-like? I urge you all to watch the show tonight on National Geographic and get enlightened to the truth!