The Changes In Me

I initially started this blog and all the others in my past as a way to express what God has shown me and to help others find God and help them in their walk with Him. I didn’t know what would happen to me in this process. The blogs I started in the past all got deleted each for different reasons. After I started this one I had a dream about Jesus and was left with the knowledge of Him saying to me not to run away again. I had been contemplating once again to just forget writing a blog. It has been very tempting to end this blog after reading a lot of other blogs that seem to be better than mine. I keep getting the nudge to just forget it all but the Holy Spirit will not allow me to do so. I have taken some breaks from it to gather my thoughts and I have an answer. As far as my walk with Jesus, by Him saying to not run away, I know why. I am getting prepared for the sanctification process. I have had a craving that I can’t explain for these different types of chant music honoring God. I can’t get enough, the way I connect with God through this music is intoxicating to me. I have known something is changing in me and couldn’t figure out what it is. So, I have asked God to tell me what is happening to me. I have come into the knowledge through various things I have read that He wants to begin the sanctification process in me. Today God has made known to me that love is the first thing, which I have felt that since my encounter with the Yeha Noha song. The other thing is my speech. These are the two characteristics right now that God is going to be working on with me. I am only writing this to document this day and also to keep a record for myself of how and what God will be doing with me. This is really not what I thought would be happening with this blog and I will continue to write what God has revealed to me. I felt  today that compared to what I read on here that I am a baby christian. That may be true, but I can’t let other people determine what God has called me to do. After all it’s between Him and I in the end anyway. I receive strength from Jesus to keep moving forward, it is scary at times, but  I know in my heart I am headed in the right direction.

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