I had a dream recently about lemurs. If you don’t know what a lemur is it’s a small animal that looks like a cross between a cat, dog and squirrel. They have very bright mysterious eyes. In my dream there were a lot of them around me. I was in a car without doors and even maybe without a wind shield. I felt afraid. They were facing me and standing as if to pounce. I prayed for God’s protection and as I faced them and they didn’t move I knew God heard and answered my prayer. Then I woke up.


I researched this animal, its name meaning from a christian perspective and the meaning of a dream about lemurs and found out some interesting information. First the name lemur means “ghost”.  It comes from the Latin word lemures, plural for ghosts. I read it’s a bad thing to dream about them, it means someone is trying to trick you.

The only thing I can figure is they represent demons trying to attack me but they can’t because I am under God’s protection.  That is a very comforting thought.




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