I Honor You, Native Americans

Thanksgiving is a sad day for Native Americans. The Friday after Thanksgiving is their day of honor, not some shopping day. I read that Thanksgiving was their Last Supper. What they teach in school is wrong and a mockery. I feel for them, always have, maybe because I have Creek Indian ancestry. I don’t know, maybe it’s just the real love that God represents that I feel. This year for the first time I see what it really stands for and it isn’t an alliance between two types of people, it was a self vain glory of a people who didn’t need to come to America. I just watched Saints and Strangers on National Geographic and the second part is tonight. What I saw is pretty accurate because I did some research after watching it and read two articles by Native Americans and it has brought tears to my eyes. I don’t know why God has opened this up to me or why He is allowing me to feel their pain but I am. I got connected to them about a month ago through some Native American chant music. I researched the Creek Indians because they are the ones my Dad told me we come from. His great grandmother was an Indian from the Creek Nation. Anyway,  the pilgrims were saying they were coming to establish a place where they could worship God freely and escape persecution but look at what they did! They were not representing God, they were representing their own agenda, their own glory and that is a sin. They wanted for themselves. One part in the film Saints and Strangers, the pilgrims said to the Indians, Welcome to our village. When Squanto translated this to one of the Chiefs the chief said how can they welcome us to our own land. I thought that was a good line. Just shows how the pilgrims assumed ownership from the start and none of it belonged to them in the first place. It showed how they left everything to come here even their children. No land would draw me away from what I already have, what God has already provided. I especially would not leave my children. I find it hard to believe they came in the name of God. It was in themselves that they came. Isn’t this the same attitude today? They wanted MORE! When will we learn that MORE is never enough! Today these descendants are still looking for more of what they think they need or don’t have when actually everything they need was provided already. God is all we need or should want. He should be FIRST. Even though Native Americans didn’t know Christ, they honored God and the earth that God provided. Maybe the pilgrims could have come with the thought of revealing Christ to these people instead of driving them to extinction. They didn’t show love to them as God would have intended. They became greedy and when greed sets in the heart nothing stops evil from penetrating and destroying life.

I honor all Native Americans this day, I stand with you in the taking of your land. We can’t undo what has been done but know that there is one person who sees and realizes the truth about what happened and I will never forget. You are not forgotten.

Here is the two links to the articles I read that speak the truth.



I will not say I celebrate Thanksgiving, but that I have a dinner honoring the Native Americans, that they gave and shared when they could have killed. They are the true representation of Jesus. They had compassion and love and we slaughtered them in return, how is that Christ-like? I urge you all to watch the show tonight on National Geographic and get enlightened to the truth!

The Changes In Me

I initially started this blog and all the others in my past as a way to express what God has shown me and to help others find God and help them in their walk with Him. I didn’t know what would happen to me in this process. The blogs I started in the past all got deleted each for different reasons. After I started this one I had a dream about Jesus and was left with the knowledge of Him saying to me not to run away again. I had been contemplating once again to just forget writing a blog. It has been very tempting to end this blog after reading a lot of other blogs that seem to be better than mine. I keep getting the nudge to just forget it all but the Holy Spirit will not allow me to do so. I have taken some breaks from it to gather my thoughts and I have an answer. As far as my walk with Jesus, by Him saying to not run away, I know why. I am getting prepared for the sanctification process. I have had a craving that I can’t explain for these different types of chant music honoring God. I can’t get enough, the way I connect with God through this music is intoxicating to me. I have known something is changing in me and couldn’t figure out what it is. So, I have asked God to tell me what is happening to me. I have come into the knowledge through various things I have read that He wants to begin the sanctification process in me. Today God has made known to me that love is the first thing, which I have felt that since my encounter with the Yeha Noha song. The other thing is my speech. These are the two characteristics right now that God is going to be working on with me. I am only writing this to document this day and also to keep a record for myself of how and what God will be doing with me. This is really not what I thought would be happening with this blog and I will continue to write what God has revealed to me. I felt  today that compared to what I read on here that I am a baby christian. That may be true, but I can’t let other people determine what God has called me to do. After all it’s between Him and I in the end anyway. I receive strength from Jesus to keep moving forward, it is scary at times, but  I know in my heart I am headed in the right direction.

The Child In Us- Enigma

This is talking about Jesus and how we need Him and how we need to keep childlike faith to connect.

Translation by http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/enigma/thechildinus.html

prasanna vadanaaM saubhaagyadaaM bhaagyadaaM
hastaabhyaaM abhayapradaaM maNigaNair-
naanaavidhair-bhuushhitaaM who is of smiling face, bestower of all fortunes,
whose hands are ready to rescue anyone from fear,
who is adorned by various ornaments with precious stones
Puer natus est nobis,
et filius datus est nobis:
cujus emperium super humerum…
For to us a child is born,
to us a son is given:
and the government will be upon his shoulder..
Some day you came
And I knew you were the one
You were the rain, you were the sun
But I needed both, cause I needed you
You were the one
I was dreaming of all my life
When it is dark you are my light
But don’t forget
Who’s always our guide
It is the child in us


Don’t Be Selfish

I learned a few years ago in the beginning of my relationship with Jesus, that all selfish thoughts, words and actions lead to sin. Jesus said all we have to do is love God and love others. I had a revelation about the scripture in John 12:24 almost a year ago.

John 12:24, 24 I assure you and most solemnly say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone [just one grain, never more]. But if it dies, it produces much grain and yields a harvest. 

I didn’t understand this for awhile but now I do. What I have observed about this scripture is if I sit and do nothing or only serve myself, I am alone. I have to die to self to produce a harvest. In other words, give myself away to others. This is what makes the circle complete. We have a relationship with Jesus then share His love that we receive with others and we are complete. If I go and serve Jesus and others, I bear fruit and bring in a harvest. Put Jesus first in my life and people second. Serve the people God has placed in my life. It isn’t complicated, just pay attention to who is in front of me.

I pray to not be selfish and for God to help me serve Him with my worship and to help me serve others. I pray to not have the ” what about me” mentality and to meditate on the Word and to be able to do the Word. I confess that I will not be alone! I will die to self and serve others to gain a harvest for His Kingdom!

Seek Jesus And You Seek Wisdom

In Chronicles 9 Queen Sheba visited King Solomon and she experienced his wisdom. She had HEARD of his wisdom and didn’t believe it until  she went to see him and experienced it for herself. There is a similarity to her seeking King Solomon and us seeking Jesus. Do we really want to seek Jesus, experience Him for ourselves or do we want to let someone else lead and guide us through so called church? I choose to seek Jesus for myself. Know the truth from my own experiences with Him. We can only KNOW something through experience. In Proverbs 9:10 it says worship and reverence for God is the chief and choice part [ the beginning ] of wisdom. The knowledge of the Holy One is insight and understanding. First we have to have a respect for God and a heart that worships Him before we can receive His wisdom.To have a heart for worship means we have to be born again. The Bible says we can only worship in spirit and in truth, so if we aren’t born again of His Spirit we can not worship Him. We are dead in our sins until we are made alive by God’s power.  Chronicles 9:23  says God put wisdom in Solomon’s mind. I like what Joyce Meyer says in my Bible in putting the Word to work, she said, God-given wisdom is far more valuable than wealth.

I came across a native american proverb the other day that makes a lot of good sense.


I believe the native american had life right. They lived off the land worshiped and reverenced God, protected the planet and loved others. After all that’s how we got Thanksgiving. But the white man ruined everything. Not so wise. The native american was wise. White man is all about money and wealth and statue. Native americans just wanted to enjoy the life they had with what God provided because that was enough. Jesus is enough. God has given us everything we need but Satan wants us to think we need more worldly things to fulfill us. It’s the presence of God and His wisdom that will fill us. When we experience it we will see that this is what we have been longing for all along. I  have native american heritage on my dad’s side and I don’t know if that’s why I am drawn to native americans. But even as a child watching those old cowboy movies I always rooted for the native americans. I have a need lately to listen to their music and chant. It connects me with God in a deeper more intimate way than the christian music today. I believe I’m on a journey from surface relationship with God to a deeper one.

Second Chronicles 15: 1-4, The Spirit of God came on Azariah son of Oded. He went out to meet Asa and said to him, “Listen to me, Asa and all Judah and Benjamin. The Lord is with you when you are with him. If you seek him, he will be found by you, but if you forsake him, he will forsake you. For a long time Israel was without the true God, without a priest to teach and without the law. But in their distress they turned to the Lord, the God of Israel, and sought him, and he was found by them.

If I seek God (Jesus) as craving for Him, I will find Him but if I become indifferent and forsake Him, He will forsake me. The Lord is with me while I am with Him. So when I am feeling alone and like God isn’t there, it is me forsaking Him.




I had a dream recently about lemurs. If you don’t know what a lemur is it’s a small animal that looks like a cross between a cat, dog and squirrel. They have very bright mysterious eyes. In my dream there were a lot of them around me. I was in a car without doors and even maybe without a wind shield. I felt afraid. They were facing me and standing as if to pounce. I prayed for God’s protection and as I faced them and they didn’t move I knew God heard and answered my prayer. Then I woke up.


I researched this animal, its name meaning from a christian perspective and the meaning of a dream about lemurs and found out some interesting information. First the name lemur means “ghost”.  It comes from the Latin word lemures, plural for ghosts. I read it’s a bad thing to dream about them, it means someone is trying to trick you.

The only thing I can figure is they represent demons trying to attack me but they can’t because I am under God’s protection.  That is a very comforting thought.