Come Home by My Husband

This poem came about after the passing of my father-in-law. The Holy Spirit gave my husband these words for comfort I believe. The words just came rushing and he had to hurry and write them down. Here it is:

Anguish on the right,

Agony on the left,

But only harmony down the middle.

Blindness all around.

But only sight in my soul.

Free my spirit to the heavens is Your goal.

On the right road now, I’ll be home soon Lord, at Your door.

Cry no longer child, for all pain and unhappiness will be gone.

For the sounds of heaven are near.

The soles of your feet shall walk the street of my kingdom

where many before you have come.

For in that street, your journey will be at an end

and there we shall meet.

Enlightenment and understanding will be clear.

Leave with love in your heart

and calmness in your soul

for all will be together again

so very soon!


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