I watched a movie yesterday called The Lake House starring Sandra Bullock. It’s a love story but what I saw in it was of spiritual nature. This woman and man are separated by time. Kinda like us and Jesus. While I was watching this movie I couldn’t help but compare it to our walk with Jesus! The man is in 2004 and she is in 2006. They write each other letters when put in the mailbox at the lake house it travels through time.  One scene jumped out at me when he asked her to go for a walk with him in the city. He mapped it out where she was to go. He would walk the path at the same time as her knowing she would be walking the same path too. It showed them walking separate and at the end of the walk she found a message from him on the brick wall that said,”Kate, I’m here with you. Thank you for a lovely Saturday together.” Even though she couldn’t “see”  him it didn’t mean he wasn’t there and that he wasn’t real and alive! Jesus is saying this to us! You can’t see me now but WAIT and you will! They fell in love of course, but she gives up on being with him because it gets too hard to bear. To love him and not be able to be with him. They mention a book in the movie called Persuasion by Jane Austen. This book is a love story also and it’s all about waiting. Kate tells Alex about the book and how the couple has to wait and even after waiting it still may not be the right time. Alex said how terrible that is! She agrees. After a couple years of waiting they plan a date which is only a day for her but 2 years for him! He doesn’t show up and  she ends up asking him to let her go. I won’t spoil the movie , so I will leave it at that but the end is wonderful because she asks him to wait 2 more years for her. It’s very hard for him to do but he does it and at the end they have the most glorious and wonderful meeting where they can see one another at last! This is a reflection of our walk with Jesus. He is with us, we can’t give up! Even though He isn’t visible to our eyes we believe He is there. Our love should keep us on the path of knowing someday we will see Him face to face. He loves us and wants us to love Him back. If we can live out our life walking in union with Him the waiting will have it’s reward! Seeing Him in all His glory and splendor! We can be there with Him forever!

Waiting is something no one likes to do but if you have ever waited for something you know the great reward of finally having it. Waiting requires patience. Patience comes from self control. In exercising patience, godliness develops, exercising godliness develops brotherly affection, brotherly affection develops love. [ 2 Peter 1:5] Waiting can feel like your dying inside but remember waiting develops character traits that God wants you to have. As you develop these traits, they will keep you from being idle or unfruitful unto the personal knowledge of Jesus Christ.


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