Simplicity, Discipline

You may wonder how these two words go together. I thought the same thing when I woke up one morning with these words on my mind. I knew God was trying to tell me something like many times before. As I wake up  God puts words or ideas in my mind that I research later on.

I was led to break down the meaning of the words. Simplicity means having a quality of being plain or natural. A synonym could be the word simple. Discipline is the practice of training or teaching.  So the one receiving the discipline could be called a disciple, just as the twelve followers of Jesus were called. They were following the teachings of Jesus.

I felt in my heart God is saying to “simply follow”. Stop making it so hard, it’s not meant to be. Be natural and go with the flow as some people say. Following the Holy Spirit’s direction can be simple if we just listen to what He is saying to us.  By simply following we are living in God’s will for our life. No longer will we be doing “busy” work but our work will have meaning, purpose and eternal value. There is a joy that can not be explained  when we do this.

On the other hand, when we are not listening to God’s voice we won’t have peace in our hearts. Satan tries to distract us from our life’s work through following Jesus. His mission is for us to not accomplish anything of eternal value. He tries to keep us from being saved but if that didn’t work and we become saved then He is after keeping us busy with nothing.

When we become a child of God we don’t need to figure anything out ourselves, God says simply follow and I will do the rest. I want to testify that when you are walking in God’s will there is no place else you would rather be. To feel His presence is heaven on earth.

Simply Follow.

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