Help Further The Kingdom



God speaks to me through various ways and one way is through movies.  So there are two movies that I have watched on Netflix that have to do with furthering the kingdom of God. They are The Letter Writer and The Secrets of Johnathan Sperry. These movies showed me how we can change the lives of others without money, talent or anything except pure love. If we can be willing to let the pure love of Jesus come through us, we can let Him touch lives in a way that we never could on our own. I learned one day to pray to be willing!

In both movies there was an older man who allowed himself to be used by the Holy Spirit. In The Letter Writer, this man would write a letter inspired by the Holy Spirit and mail it to whoever he felt needed it that particular day.  The movie shows how one letter changed a young girl’s life. Just a letter of encouragement, has power to change a life! She sings a powerful song at the end called Angel Bones.

If you listen to the words, you see where we, as individuals, play a part in God’s plan. We can be His agents on earth to further His Kingdom.

Johnathan Sperry also allowed himself to be used to help a group of boys know Jesus. He held a Bible Study in his home for this group of boys and changed the course of their lives. It tells you at the end what each boy grows up to be. I like to think Mr. Sperry had a hand in the way they ended up. All good things come from God and these boys end up doing good with their lives.

If we all can just recognize the voice in our head, to do what it is telling us to do, we can help further the kingdom of God around us. Like the scripture says above, we can only find peace and joy in the Holy Spirit! When we are walking in the Spirit, not only are we  helping ourselves but we are helping others as well. 81a1GRZRepL._SL1297_The-Letter-Writer-Christian-Movie-Christian-Film-DVD-Blu-ray

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